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Hi trainwreck,

Welcome 🙂 I’m an amateur/enthusiast.  I’ve enjoyed reading your posts and comments lately.  Glad you’re here.

I can’t speak for everyone, but when I post my port or Facebook or anything, I get a lot of  “I liked your photography, now go like mine” type stuff from people I don’t know and/or I’m not impressed with.  There has also been a few times someone here has gotten angry with me because their photos are blurry or what have you, and have taken it to my pages.  There are also a handful of photo thieves and plagiarizers that have been called out here, (it’s a steady trickle) and they don’t take too kindly to it being pointed out to them that they are being fraudulent.

I love sharing my work with photographers, but sharing with fauxtographers isn’t in my best interest.  I have no problem sharing my links within a thread (most fauxs and spammer types are lazy and don’t bother reading unless it is a thread they started and it’s about them), but I don’t start a thread with my link and I won’t link from my profile here either.  But feel free to have a look at my 500px