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By site owner, do you mean the owner of YANAP?  No, but I have submitted a few fauxtographs that made the cut to be featured on the homepage :/

Owner of a 500px site?  No, I just have a free account, and since I don’t plan on ever having my port go much over 100 images (meaning as I add, I take away) I don’t think I need a paid account.

Do I own a proper site for my photography?  No, I just recently broke even and my “art” has paid for all of my equipment and finished work  woot woo!  A successful hobbyist?  I’m not ready to add any extra expenses.  But, soon I may be taking things more seriously as far as selling goes.  I’ve been on the fence about it for several months now.  I kind of like not having to worry about sales and all that goes with it, and adding a monthly charge puts a little pressure on me.

The beads are called “orbeez”  they are a child’s toy.  I bought them for my son a few years back.  He didn’t care for them, but I made a study of them.  They are basically water beads like the ones used for flowers and plants http://www.amazon.com/Pound-Bag-Water-Beads-Clear/dp/B0050ZNWYG only re-packaged for children to play with.

Reflection in the round was shot at my old house.  It had north west windows that took up the entire back of the house.  It was very fun to shoot there.  I use natural light, LEDs, small homemade reflectors, and flashlights.  I also have two small continuous light soft boxes.  I haven’t taken on flash yet, and not sure if I will anytime soon.  But, some day that very fun can of worms will be opened, and watch out!  he he he

Thank you so much Trainwreck,  I needed a lift like that.  Been feeling rather stuck lately, second guessing my latest projects, and mentally torturing myself. Culling the port to the point I want to take everything down and start over lol I always seem to creep my way out of these phases eventually, and encouragement like that helps a lot.  So does goofing around and telling myself just to shoot anything, and quit trying so flippin hard.