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“But you have made the front page? And hung around? You are my Hero!”
ahhhhhhh! No!! lmbo. No, I’m just a horrible human being and have turned other people’s work in. I don’t do that anymore, but yeah, at one time I was a pretty heavy contributor…oops
Although my portraits are seriously lacking, they aren’t front page material. I’d show you, but I only shoot family and friends for fun, and I think it’s kind of creepy to post them publicly.
Just so you know I’m not full of shit…
I asked for help once on a public forum and it’s still up. If I search my name it pops up… it kind of makes me cringe lol So yeah, if I need help with anything I usually PM someone I trust, or ask a private group. Here’s the link to my thread asking for more understanding of studio lighting
What’s funny is… Attempting to make my lighting “perfect” after receiving the help I wanted, I succeeded in accomplishing almost perfectly flat lighting lmao it cracks me up every time it see it.