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Well it’s good they gave up I guess? It’s humorous that they tried anything in the first place.

Yeah, I started picking mine this year to get the facebook page with that name reserved and to start on buying domain names early on. I figure I could sell them off later if contacted and I choose to change the name.
I didn’t want to use my name, not because it’s common, but because I don’t actually like my name… so I settled for something easily brand-able (hooray for business!) while still being catchy/memorable enough to stick out in your mind.

A friend of mine trademarked his name I want to say about five years ago. He made 15k selling advertising space on his forehead for 30 days (yeah, he got a henna tattoo of whatever brand bid the highest… freaking weirdo-genius guy.). Now that he’s making a movie, people are tying to buy up his domains that he registered and sat on. I see a lot of that in this industry; names that are sat on/inactive but have outrageous asking prices for the domain.