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I think  we are indeed having what a past manager called “a heated agreement”!  Or, as you say, different verbiage.

This is just a water drop, shot against a white background with Speedlites.


Talk about your mess! My feet were stuck to the floor!

LOL!  I shot the water drops using a grate over a sink.  No mess.  There has to be a way to shoot your stuff over a drum of some sort so clean up is easier.   Or, a couple of plastic drop cloths clamped to chairs to form a little pool.  Even a child’s inflatable pool lined with plastic drop cloths to make it reusable.  Wieczorkiewicz did the “Right Scale” with a little plastic tub, and messed up the floor!

We took relatives to see Medieval Times last night.  There is a place designed for a mess!  We went years ago, when it was new.  This was our first time back, in about 20 years.  Now it smells like a stable.  Fortunately our guests enjoyed the show.


After each joust, pages run out and collect the splinters.  They have special rakes to collect what the horses leave, too.  The actors are still rolling around in in the sand.  Great show.  Later the “germaphobe” comes out and thinks “Yech!”.