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Hi Worst Case!

So my next guess is that it’s a bottle floating in front of a green background that some one has just thrown some water at?

Bingo Worst Case! Sorry for the confusion! I don’t always feel the need to be overly literal. Especially when shooting for myself. But, as a product shot there are certain things that need to be very literal. The product itself and any associated labels/logos as the primary example. So no matter what else is going on I always endeavor to make sure the product gets the limelight. Dead balls-on accurate color, all attributes of the bottle and especially the label accurate and lit to accent. No one wants their brand photographed into obscurity! After that its kind of an “artistic licence” kind of thing!

Thank you for taking the time to shoot me some feedback Worst Case.

Could be there is too much green. It might look better with clear water, instead of green water.

Hi camerclicker!

Of course there could be. Just depends on what you, an art/media consultant/director, or I want to see! The green is taken from the color of the product.

As regards the water? It is clear. When shooting clear glass or liquids you don’t light the glass/liquid. You light the background. So the clear water is picking up the green BG. To be honest I wouldn’t have any idea how to shoot clear water on a colored BG and it not pick up the color. Even on a white or black BG the clear water will pick that up. Maybe I’m not understanding what you are saying? Would you have any suggestions?

Shots like that scare me because I don’t want to have to clean up after.

You have no idea the mess I make in my studio environment! Sometimes I have to cover everything and wear a hazmat suit with SCBA! But I have a great time doing it!

Here is one where I actually did color the liquid and shot on black. This was a shutter drag and the phone screen was shot as shown and not Photoshopped in.

Hey cameraclicker, thank you for chiming in sir. I value your opinion.

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