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The subject for tom, simon and fred is least to be desired. Vignettes on the children are horrid. I don’t think that a vignette is a bad idea but they are way to strong.

Herbert retouching is way over done. Hair is way too messy…not in a good way. It looks greasy..like she hasn’t bathed.

No to jack. no to dick and brian.

Bob – flaky foundation, hairy face, gloppy mascara. The more natural lip is nice but needs to be moistened and the top doesn’t match the bottom so well. catch lights are distracting. Also, this would be better without clothing. So i’d have her take her top down next time.

Frank – somehow you made her look both chubby and emaciated at the same time. Subdue those ribs and tuck in her pooch a bit while subdoing the shadow line on it.

Not a fauxtog…but needs some work.

Favorite photo is this: http://www.flickr.com/photos/101923681@N02/9787008084/

reminds me of Jill Greenberg.