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“The direction  i’m looking for is going into the photography business, but sometimes i just dont feel happy with my work”

Every good photographer has many images he’s not happy with.

The good photographers make sure nobody else sees them. The bad photographers publish them.


Some good photographers have a high percentage of “good” shots. This means they’ll compose it technically correct maybe 95% of the time, compose the shot well 80% of the time, be in the right spot 75% of the time, and so on. The good photographers will come back with 50% of their shots worthy of being seen by others, and trash the other 50%. I’ve done some work where I spent an hour setting the shot, and clicked the shutter once but that type of shooting can be rare. Even if your numbers are low, you’re still a good photographer if nobody sees the bad shots. [Event photography is a bit different, as you can’t afford to miss much — in that case, you might sacrifice the perfect composition to capture the perfect moment.]


I barely glanced at your images, but the street photography is somewhat interesting. I think you do add too much local contrast and tonemapping, but some people like that style. As you said, this looks more like personal or journalistic photography, not commercial photography.