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There is such a thing as a legitimate Facebook account trying to sell services? If it came to my attention that a professional I hired was posting ads on FB, our relationship would come to an abrupt end as the companies brand would be irreversibly diluted in my eyes.

I don’t have anything posted on my Facebook account.    I am not a fan of their Terms of Service, though they have convinced me of the need for watermarks in some circumstances.

There are legitimate photographers who are using Facebook, however.  Here are a couple I am aware of, so they were easy to look up and provide links to:

Joe McNally has had covers and double spreads in many of the premiere photo based magazines like National Geographic and Sports Illustrated, to name just two.  Here is his page on FB.


Michael Willems is a full time photographer in Oakville which is a bedroom community near Toronto.  He does courses at Sheridan College in Oakville and Vistek, a large camera retailer in Toronto, Mississauga and Calgary.  He also does his own workshops.  I saw him speak a couple of times when he was giving courses at Henry’s and I’m sure he understands what he is doing.  He has a wedding business, as well as portrait and commercial clients.  He has several web pages.  This is his FB page.


I think those who have said there are legitimate businesses on FB, and there are also scams on FB, are correct.  It is up to the individual to determine which pages are worthwhile.