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That is not new idea at all, and we should always learn that Facebook is an arena of everything, meaning you might encounter legitimate and scam offerings. Since social media have big impact in marketing and promotional campaign, it is a free strategical marketing place where all stuff is available, where Facebook is one of those room. Many offers are being promoted via Facebook and sometimes ask you to click on a certain post to redirect you to get the code, watch video, download stuff, get free items, earn free coins and many strategy, but those links just do nothing at all but to have you subscribe to their post and eventually be one of the traffics they need for their sites, that’s how they work. Dealing with this kind of promotion always requires our better thinking and idea of learning to deal of whom we are dealing with. Business name or a product name is always a priority to check if they are legitimate or not followed by how they work with their clients, they must also have messages and testimonials from their clients visible in their page. Also they must have contact details indicated from the page. There are many things we need to know, that you just need to be meticulous in verifying it.

Will Atkins
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