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Please don’t take this personally as I’m just typing out the thoughts I had as I looked at your site. I don’t think it would be unreasonable to assume that a potential customer would think the same thing.

My first thoughts were nice site with good looking pictures  but then I started noticing that most (if not all) of your subjects are black and I began to wonder what part of the world you are in and how you could run a portrait company if you are in a third world country. So I started looking around the site to find out where you are based. It says Newark photography in the page title but I’m in the UK so I’m not sure where that is. Your contact page doesn’t offer any hints, so I started looking at the rest of the site and found your ” trip to Haiti” shots… which were the same as the portraits page? So Now I’m thinking nice site but this guy doesn’t have any shots to put on it so he’s using his holiday pics ! Then I looked at the “Children’s” page and they were pretty much the same. But I would have to say not as good as the rest.

So I’m left thinking that this guy can take good holiday pics, but if I were a white company CEO looking for a commercial portrait (who could pay big time) I’d be looking elsewhere.

I suspect I’ve just raised plenty of questions that you never even considered so I hope it helps.