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yvel, better but put some space between your images. I also don’t like how everything is blacked out except the image that you are on. i think full color image is better with a 10-20% opacity change (like a screen with white at 10-20% opacity). Don’t care for:

Out of focus asian guy. 4th image of kid with tongue hanging out. up the nose shot.

on personal haiti project, i’d take out scrawny dog which is actually more disturbing then skinned goat. Buckets – not really interesting. Brighten donkey shot so we can see dudes a bit better.again take out scrawny dog. School girls shot is out of focus and so it’s not working. not digging emploi du temps. 2 boys on knees – seems like snot running down his face. not nice. not digging feeding shot either. Everything else looks pretty good. Keep shooting. WHile i certainly disagree that your portfolio is “too black”, yo do need to have some variation. good luck shooting a travel story on newark. lol.