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But Newark  is in  Nottinghamshire and I suspect yours is a fake

LOL!   I don’t know if fake is quite the right word.  I live in Scarborough, it is a little north-east of York and west of Durham.  Burlington is about an hour’s drive from here.  Like Newark, NJ, they are all quite real names and places.  While York is a short drive for me, New York is about a 12 hour drive, but if I went there, Newark would be just across the river.  New England and Upper Canada were settled by people who left the UK for one reason or another.  Obviously when they arrived here, they gave places names they were familiar with.  This has left us with a mix of place names matching those in the UK, and names taken from the words of the native tribes like Cheektowaga, Tonawanda, Toronto and Couchiching.