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Worst Case Scenario,

Thank you for your honest input.  I clarified my location and made it Newark, NJ portrait photographer, instead of Newark Portrait Photographer.  Also, I removed some portraits that were taken in Haiti from the portfolio aspect.  But, now that I think about it, I may just leave my best picture from Haiti in the portfolio.

As to your perception on my location being in the 3rd world, the answer is no.  It’s Newark, NJ which is part of the United States.  And to your concern that many of my subjects are African-American, you’re absolutely correct.  But not all African-American people are from the third world.  As a matter of fact, most of my subjects happen to be engineers.  Nonetheless, I hope you’re not suggesting the fact that they are black, makes the quality of my work less desirable or appealing because they are not white.  I do understand that black people make up only 13% of the US population, and from a commercial standpoint, it may be better to add more caucasian subjects to my portfolio in terms of variety and marketability.

It’s always great to have an open discussion on a sensitive subject such as race. Don’t be afraid to speak your mind, as long as it’s done in a respectful way, all is good.