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Hi Ebi.

Thank you for your thorough analysis.  I’ve cut the photo of the Asian male (I think I forced it in there since he wasn’t ‘black).

As for the scrawny dogs, I’ve decided to keep it in there to show the sad reality that exists in Haiti.  Most of their animals are very malnourished and abused.  It’s there for awareness.

The shack with the buckets is personal to me, and that’s staying there, too.  That’s where my father grew up.  He was able to save  enough money and move to the U.S., start his own small business, which allowed his wife and children to live comfortably.  His sacrifice allowed me to discover photography in prep school.  When it comes to photographing black subjects, I’m pretty sure I’d be taking pictures of black female video vixens if it weren’t for my education.  And this is coming from a black male that is surrounded by that genre of photography.  But I digress.  Now, he’s building houses and hospitals in Haiti.  Yeah, that’s why that photo means so much to me.  I understand the average viewer might not understand that, and I’m perfectly fine with that.

I removed the blurred photo of the school girls because you are right about the non-focus being such an issue.

Also, I lowered the opacity on the homepage, but I’m unable to put space in between the images though.  I’ll have to look into that.  Oh, the Emploi Du Temps; that’s a school my uncle built.  I wanted to show the drastic difference between that school and the UNICEF tent.  It’s crazy to believe that those two schools are right down the street from one another.

Again, thank you for your input as I’m starting my new adventure, even if most of my subjects are ‘black’.  BTW… I’m moving to Florida next week and I’ll be able to diversify my my portfolio then.  😉

Thank you for your input and critique.