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I would just change the name completely.   I don’t think it plays well even in America.  I had never heard of “looky loo”, but “loo” has been a British expression for toilet for a very long time.  I looked up “looky loo” and Urban Dictionary’s first entry said it refers to people who inspect houses for sale with no intention to purchase a house.  The second reference said it also refers to people who slow down to look at accident scenes causing traffic to back up behind them.

Choosing a name in the global economy can be a challenge.  Sometimes a strange name like the French auto Citroen is done with full knowledge of what the name means and the company is being bold.  Other times, the marketing folks walk into problems with their eyes closed.  The Chevy Nova is an example.  In North America, a nova is an expanded star.  In South America, it means “doesn’t go”, which is not the best name for a car!

Looky Loo does not seem to have a good connotation in any part of the English speaking world and Looky Lou would only be marginally better.