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Well the interest in my question/post kinda fizzled out once people learned it was a product for photography, and completely died when I said it was to help photograph children so I didn’t get as many to play along as I hoped, but this is what I got:


Hmmmm. For a peep show?

night vision goggles or maybe something in a bathroom

A light beer for rubber neckers!  Or a flashlight made by rednecks, for rednecks. “looky here,
lou, i got me a new light!”

Light comes on when you go potty.

See thru lamp shade?

I am thinking a light up toilet lid…

I was thinking something to do with a bathroom too.

It’s a head light for sexy time so you can see what you are ” getting into”




For lighting up dark spaces or a type of lighting accessory


It’s a flash that mounts to your shoe (foot) for when you take the “up skirt” shots?!?!?