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8364/8342220271_c772fbc134_z.jpg is too yellow, the first two are pretty warm, but acceptably so, I think.  I didn’t notice, except her hands, before Intuition mentioned it.  8364/8342220271_c772fbc134_z.jpg strikes me as too bright as well.  You could lighten the eye in 8340463243_63cc76aaa8_z.jpg, a little, but I think it is fine as it is.

Here are a couple of quick edits. 8340463243_63cc76aaa8_z.jpg and 8341526840_c5fedd47e4_z.jpg. With 8341526840_c5fedd47e4_z, I am still unhappy with her hands, too bright, bad colour. But otherwise, how do you like the changes?