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Maryah, your friend [ZMP] needs to do everyone, including himself, a favor.  Learn to edit some photos or put the camera down.

It’s fine if you are not good at editing or cannot do it well, there are 3rd party vendors that will do the post for you [for a fee of course], but you have t give them something to work with.

This one I saw, among many others, https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=475755059145064&set=a.475754825811754.1073741834.394103650643539&type=3&theater

The noise is way off the chart for being acceptable, it really does a disservice to the model.  At first, it looked as if she had facial hair with all that noise, ugh!!!

The others I saw of the model Arthur, he really needs to learn proper posing techniques and above all use a flash for fill.

Any idiot can use downloaded actions in PS or the RAW presets in LR, but you have to realize that applying the action or preset to the entire image really does not make the image better.


We all make mistakes and do dumb things, but I would not post all my “Bad” pictures unless it was for a training class of what not to do.

Your friend is, sadly a fauxtog, and he will probably be a fauxtog until he can learn to listen and open himself up for criticism.