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At this point if everyone who did this got told to do something else, there would be no artists.

Actually, the goal is to weed out those who shouldn’t be calling themselves artists in the first place. So people who are really committed would let the negative criticism get to them. They do it b/c they love it. Most fauxtogs are looking for any easy way to make some money. And what could be easier than setting a camera to Program mode and hitting a button?

If it’s an experienced artist, photographer, whoever, producing hackneyed work, then, yes – I agree, they’re not good at their profession. However if it’s a student, then I think you have to give them a bit of leeway to work through the cliches. Most artists will tell you they produced some cringeworthy stuff along the way, while they were finding their ‘voice’. This is normal.

And I think you’ll find that I’ve been pretty consistent in my approach with students and people labeling themselves as professional (using the definition of anyone who accepts money for their services). Maryah was a bit of an exception b/c she came in here talking shit about someone she considers a friend, whining about not being taken seriously by him. That annoyed me, so I felt she needed to be put in her place. It was a tad harsh, I agree.

I absolutely agree students should be prepared for the real world – but not by shattering their self esteem in the process.

Shattering self esteem is a great way to prepare them for the real world. Especially if they pursue a career in this field.