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I don’t get how you can say a whole concept is shit. Concepts are just starting points and it’s up to the artist to make something interesting from that concept or not.

Exactly…and if the starting point is so horribly off, you probably aren’t going to end up anywhere good. In this specific circumstance, with Maryah, I didn’t feel there was anything of substance to critique. It is a waste of time to offer advice on how to make these images better when she needs to get new ideas. I don’t know what those ideas are or should be. She needs to figure that out for herself. My answer is no, these do not work. It’s not appropriate for me to offer concepts or ideas. That is her responsibility. If she is incapable of that then she has more problems than just some dude ripping her apart online.

Again, if this was the real world (and I wholeheartedly believe that we should be preparing students like Maryah for the real world) she would get at most a “sorry you are not what we are looking for” or “we decided to go in a different direction”. Which is just a nicer way to say we don’t like your photos.