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And it’s been my experience that the harsher the critique, the more the impact. My approach may not be ideal for most, but works for the few that have what it takes.

My personal experience as an artist is that harsh crits are better too. When I was in art school the scariest professor we had would even make the guys cry in the middle of crits – man you’d be a nervous wreck after a run in with this guy. He was also the best, and when he did, albeit very rarely, if ever, say something was good,  jeez – you’d be on cloud nine for a week! I don’t have any issue with harsh critique – that’s why I, and I’m sure many others, are here. My issue is when it’s not explained or clear. Fine, say it’s shit – but then say why, how can it be improved. I don’t get how you can say a whole concept is shit. Concepts are just starting points and it’s up to the artist to make something interesting from that concept or not.