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EMF –  I’m certainly not white noise. I’m more of like a din, I think. LOL. The thing is, no one disagrees with my assessment of her work. No one disagrees with the idea that her friend doesn’t listen to her b/c he probably doesn’t respect her work. No one disagrees that the real issue here is her work, not her friends. They just disagree with my approach. I’m fine with that.

Well ok, I actually looked up white noise after I said it and part of the definition was ‘soothing’ – so I guess I’ll agree with you on that score! I get that you are from a much more cut throat world, however my background is teaching and often quite damaged kids – therefore, my approach has had to be tread light to an extent.  If I’d of crit’ed my students the way we used to get crits I’d of got chairs thrown at me or worse! . In my experience if you trash people too much, especially without sufficient explanation or clarification, they simply switch off.