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Stef – I’m more of a fan of Leibovitz’s portraiture work. I find the vogue spreads to be horribly inappropriate for the time. Vogue is so completely out of touch with the real world. They should stick to fashion and leave everything else to the rest of us. The story they did on “discovering brooklyn” was a dated joke. The september issue is beautiful though. They really shine on that issue. I really wish they would put that kind of effort into every issue.

IHF – we were never off topic. This has been and always will be about Maryah. Had she not posted her work, there would be no discussion about it. Further down in the thread, she even asked for critique. I just chose to put the emphasis on her instead of the friend b/c the friend is inconsequential. Her issues with him seem more like bait for a discussion about her work.

EMF –  I’m certainly not white noise. I’m more of like a din, I think. LOL. The thing is, no one disagrees with my assessment of her work. No one disagrees with the idea that her friend doesn’t listen to her b/c he probably doesn’t respect her work. No one disagrees that the real issue here is her work, not her friends. They just disagree with my approach. I’m fine with that.

Maryah – Hey now, watch it with the language. You don’t see me calling you names. But I understand the hurt and frustration. After my first college critique, I went home and drank nearly an entire bottle of whiskey. Then vomited everywhere and swore off alcohol for the rest of my life. That lasted about two weeks. Slowly, over time, I learned to separate my personal feelings from my work. It still hurts a little bit, but you’ve got to suck it up. You’ve no idea what it is like in the real world. You’ve no idea how absolutely brutal silence is.

But looking back throughout the years of comments on my work, the ones that stuck out to me the most were the people who were most brutally honest. The ones that pulled no punches. The compliments and what you would call “constructive criticisms” did nothing for me. It’s better to be straight and honest. If you can’t take that, then you can’t hack it. You seem to be leaning towards fashion so its highly unlikely that you will fare very well if this is where you want to go with your career.

Trolls don’t go to this length. Trolls name call and try to antagonize. I’m simply stating my opinion about your work and it’s not making you feel very good. You are making more out of it than you should. Treat it as an opinion like the others. I don’t really care if you listen to me or not. At this point you are just a waste of time b/c you can’t take the criticism.

As for posting what I’ve done…that is not why I’m here.