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Bill, this post is pretty old, and was already handled in another forum that the OP had posted in.  I think KitKat just commented on this topic and a handful of other older posts to try to push her newer post down a ways as to not draw more attention to it.  https://youarenotaphotographer.com/forums/topic/thoughts-on-this/

I don’t think her critique quite went as well as she had hoped.

Kit, please don’t be embarrassed and/or go away without trying to get more info and help from people willing to give you some feedback here.  You can do this!  Just a little back peddling and taking things slower and you’ll do just fine.  Go ahead and ask some questions, ask for links, and some more tips.  Heck!  Even come back after a few weeks/days of practice and ask again.  Don’t give up.  You had enough courage to come here and ask for opinions, have enough to follow through with it and get something out of it all that will really help you … or at the very least leave your post (quit worrying about how to delete it or edit it) for others to learn from and ask questions about.