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I’m a little late to this party but I saw and I HAVE to say something.

ebi is right, It’s fine to be nice but sometimes you just got to tell people like it is.  I saw her photos and it looks like she is getting slightly better, but only slightly.

She still has a problem with focus points over editing, especially saturating the eyes and blowing our details with an overpowering flash.  Is she using the old-time phosphorous  flash powder?

I felt bad for the young senior model she had, such a beautiful girl and horribly edited.  In some photos she had 2 different colored eyes.

Overpowered by an explosion

What’s up with her eyes?

Again with the eyes

If she would have set her camera to the right setting and got a shallow DOF, this photo would have been fine.  Forcing a bokeh does more harm then good, I know I have done that and realized afterwards, saying WTF was I thinking?

Sometimes just pointing out what you don’t like about the photos will maybe, just maybe bring her short-comings to light.  By not telling her, you are doing nothing to help her realize what she is doing wrong, if anything you are feeding the gremlin after midnight.

If she is a friend, maybe point out some edits that she could make.  Some of her photos are not bad, there not great, but not bad.  For her experience level the poses are pretty generic and to be expected, but the main issue is focus and editing.

In cases of family portraits, there should be no reason for a high number of non-keepers unless it is the fault of the photographer, the equipment or both.  In weddings, it is a slightly different story, there will always be some that are not keepers, even from the most experienced.  In portraits, you can re-compose and retake the shot, in weddings you don’t really have that luxury.

In short, keep her away from weddings…