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If you have your own web server, or anything from most hosted services, you can put any file you like on it, then provide a link for people to use to retrieve the file.  If you use a forum like this, or Flickr, you are limited by the software that provides the platform.  A CR2 file or a DNG file will be of no use to anyone unfamiliar with raw files, so it is not a supported format.

I’m not a Lightroom user, although I use Photoshop and Adobe Camera Raw, so I won’t be much use to you if you have specific Lightroom questions.

If you want, you can attach a CR2 file to email and send it to me.  We could also try the same file converted to DNG, which would tell us if your CR2 to DNG conversion is working properly.  If that does not work, we can explore FTP, but you need a client of some sort for that, which adds complexity.  I’m experimenting with Yahoo mail and Gmail to see if they will permit a file that large.