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Bill, did it come out eventually?

Next time, if it’s not a high speed projectile (something that could potentially puncture the eye and get inside) then stand in the shower with your eyes open to rinse it out. It could take up to 15 minutes, but it usually does the trick.

Thanks for the tips guys. I think I’m going to need some help with my Lightroom 5 usage – I think I’ve been using it wrong to process my RAW images!! I’m using my new 7D Mark II and every shot I see posted on the web at even 12,800 or 16,000 ISO is cleaner than my 1Dx shots, whereas MY 7DII RAW (first converted to DNG so LR5.6 can process them) look grainy and not so presentable after I do what I thought is my magic to them.

PLUS, the jpegs straight out of camera with medium NR look better than I can get them to look with DNG-processed lightroom!! How the heck is this possible?!

I want to post the DNGs so you pros can help me out – can I do that on Flickr? Or just post them directly here?