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Pretty freakin slimy.  ewwww just ewwwwww  Sorry Lord whoever, I do not like you.  I don’t need to know you, or ask questions to have a better understanding or to come to the conclusion that I don’t like you.  You are a “photographer” who uses other people’s creative work to sell your own.  Legally or not (which I don’t believe it was), it’s still VERY freakin slimy and NOT an “honest” mistake.  Although I CAN see why you did/continue to do it, your work is seriously lacking and it would be difficult to solicit the public on the merit of your own work alone.  An honest person would step up and do what is necessary to improve themselves and their work, or not offer services that they are incapable of doing.  If this is how you conduct your life in a business type setting, then I can only imagine it is also how you conduct yourself in your personal life.  PLEASE no need to “apologize” or explain that your dear best friend is suffering from bulimia, and the croup and you suffer from confusion and momentary lapses of good judgment, or whatever other garbage you feel like throwing out there to try to explain your dishonesty.  Just leave all that nonsense alone.  Take down images and creative work that is not your own, and never use someone else’s work again.  PERIOD