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I would like to start by addressing the point of me stealing photos.. I was looking for a few images that I could use to promote a new venture of mine to supplement the Wedding service I offer, I performed a Google Advanced Search looking for images that were Free to use, Commercially and Modify.. I found the images you have been on about, and uploaded them, thinking they were Free to use… I made an honest mistake in this case and have apologised to Dan and given him credit and posted a full apology online.

Now we come to the other stuff here…. I appreciate Worst Case Scenario that you may not like my take on HDR but it’s my take, I’m the artist and quite a lot of people like it.. but thanks for the critic 🙂

Regards where I live did you think to ask… I have a property close to my father who has Multiple Sclerosis and needs care, I also have another property which is more in keeping with what you would expect…….

I’m sorry your eyes hurt camera clicker.. maybe get down to specsavers and get some new lenses…. send me the bill perhaps!!

“Also claims to be a Lord”.. I am a Lord also a Baron, a Sir and a Dr…

Simple thing here is not to cast judgments or aspersions without being fully acquainted with the facts……………..