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The owner of that Flickr account seems to be the owner of the photo.  There is an associated web page:  http://liesthrualens.com, the claim is the photographer has an extensive list of quality Nikon gear.  That Flickr page seems to have a lot of similar photos take with the gear listed.  There is also a FB page:  https://www.facebook.com/pages/Lies-Thru-a-Lens-Photography/501443383235779

Like my web page, he is not big on providing his personal information.  His Flickr profile just says he is male and single.   The URL suggests he is Dan Rocha.    You could send a message through FB.

Visual Passion Photography (http://www.visualpassion.me/bombshell-boudoir-giveaway/) is using the photo for advertizing but that site’s boudoir section has exactly one photo which is not at the level of the pages of photos Lies Thru a Lens has.

Lord Parker Photography (http://lord-parker.co.uk/index.php/boudoir-photography/) is also using the photo for advertizing and again, the photography on that site does not seem to match.

The photo also shows up in Elizabeth Blackpebbles gallery.  She is the model, and like Dan, is based in the UK.