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You are really good at seeing interesting things to shoot, and finding good elements, lines, composition and locations.  You’re seeing them, but not quite getting them.  The shot is there in all of these locations.  It’s there!  But, they all need to be explored more. Find them, find the shot and make it happen.


I quite like this one.  I love the lines and the light is pretty good too.  It’s a good clean composition.




It’s here!  It’s here…  It’s almost it.  I don’t know what you would do to make it, but go back to this if you are able and get the sucker.  You see it I know you do




I really like the geometrics of this shot, but I think it would have worked better if… I’m going to try to explain as best I can without being able to use my hands…  Ok cut the scene in half, then tilt to your side making the wall the ceiling.  Do you see it?  That beautiful perfect square of shape and line?  the shot is there.  Go back, get it.





Yes!  That symmetry is wonderful.  Level it, center it, get it in focus, shoot at a different time of day so the light plays with it, and casts long shadows, and this shot could be a wonderful one.



There’s a shot here too.  You are so stink in’ close!  So close


I notice too that your black and whites needs some help.  They are a little muddy. They look as though You just clicked on black and white, or just desaturated.  There’s more to a good black and white than that.  You need to be sure you have true white, black blacks, and beautiful grey tones in-between to add depth and dimension to your photos. Look up “black and White conversions”.  Looks like you may need to calibrate as well.  Your colors are a bit off.  Here’s a good example of that





You need to look at the light.  A lot of your pictures have very harsh light and shadows.  See how the light is way too high and casts shadows in an unflattering way?  Her brows are casting a shadow over her eyes, and the shadow her nose is creating a shadow that striped across her mouth.  Her right cheek is also making an unwanted shadow, as well as her head’s shadow striping across her neck and chest.  Shooting at a different time of day would help, along with learning flash and/or using light modifiers.  Google “golden hour” and go shoot during that time.  “Magic hour” or “golden hour” creates wonderful soft light, and long desirable shadows.  Shoot architecture, people, landscapes, whatever and make it all about looking at the light and watching it play with your subject, and create interest.  Remember that photography is all about recording light.


After going through your stream I think you would really dig Zack Arias’ photo assignments, and get a lot from them.  We have already finished assignment 2 and are waiting for assignment 3, but I think if you were to take on 1 and 2 and 3, and spend a couple weeks on each of them, and still catch up with us, and get the benefit of peer input and possibly a critique by Zack as well.  It’s important that you do each assignment because they play off each other and the exercises are meant to be repetitive and practiced.  Here’s the first assignment


Here’s our group critique (BTW two of mine were picked to be critiqued, so it can happen)

Assignment 01 :: Group Critique


Here’s assignment 2

Assignment 02 :: Shapes


the critique hasn’t came out yet, but when it does, assignment 3 will be ready


When you are all caught up, you can add your pictures to the pool along with everyone else and get feedback and whatnot. Here’s the depxl flickr pool https://www.flickr.com/groups/dedpxl/

Don’t add to the pool until you are caught up with the rest of us, and posting pictures that pertain to the current assignment.  You can only upload current work shot during the assignment (OH lord people catch hell for not following that rule, so don’t do it)


You can find all the assignments and other information, educational material, and good stuff here



Gillum, I really hope you choose to take these assignments on and learn from Zack.  I can really see the potential in your shots, it’s just a matter of finding your groove, and learning to see the light and subjects in a photographic story telling, pleasing way.


and I agree with everyone else… culling/editing your images down would be a wonderful practice for you to start now.  Get rid of duplicate shots altogether and really pay attention to what you want to show people.  You don’t want the good stuff getting lost in the so so, or not so great stuff or among a whole bunch of repeats.


Keep shooting… I can see you really doing well