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Sup?  Is a good question.

Check out these:






The EXIF data suggests the exposure settings were the same for the whole group, yet exposure is certainly varied!  It also suggests you are shooting in full manual mode.  You are working too hard!  If you are shooting in manual yet centre the meter on most photos, you could use Aperture or Time priority and let the camera vary the other variable, which would be faster and more accurate while being less work for you.  If you are not trying to control depth of field or freeze action, you could even use Program mode.



you chopped her feet off, but there is room over her head and it is shot landscape, so you were not trying to fill the frame with her.  Some cameras have a 95% or 97% viewfinder, which means the viewfinder shows less than the sensor sees.  It also means that limbs don’t get cut where you expect them to.  Since she has the sun to the side, her face is in shadow, so she might have benefited from fill flash or a reflector.  Fill flash is easier because you don’t need an assistant to hold the reflector and steady it in the breeze.  A CP filter could cut down the reflection from the hedge in your background.

The next photo


is the same scene but the life has gone from it.  Shutter speed is a little faster, but I’m not sure that’s the problem.  I think there is failed post processing.