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Mrs Woo

You’re very welcome.  Good luck – you’re so lucky to find people willing to pose for you!  My cousin’s son has the same good fortune.  I’m not sure if I’m not asking enough people or if I just don’t ‘get out enough’ to find people to ask, but since getting light stands, modifiers and the like I’ve only had a few sessions.   I am sure that your attention to detail and desire to produce great images will do a lot to create images that are better than what appears here.

Though people obviously do master the craft, there is always something new to learn.  Striving for excellence is never a bad thing.  Me – I am waiting for images that still the heart, and frustrated that I am not creating them.  We just bought a new farm, though, and I expect to have a lot of opportunities for some amazing wildlife photography, and maybe once we get the new house built I can settle down and arrange my schedule to have regular focus on photography.

The hardest thing about YANAP is that it makes me want to be a portrait photographer, because much of what I see here wouldn’t even be shown to the client, let alone posted on Facebook as part of my portfolio.  My Facebook page that pretends to be a studio page is nothing more than a convenience for the other parents to get pictures of their children playing middle school football.  I keep meaning to edit down those images to the good ones that are being used and start adding the rest of my portfolio to it, but haven’t done that yet.  At this point, people rarely look at the page, especially since football ended several months ago.