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you’ve got a very steady foundation from the film days but you have a lot of digital to master. The big problem is that your colours are completely whack. I see blue babies, wildly varying colour between each shot in a series. Do you print yourself? If you do, print 2x3s of one of the weddings you shot, lay them out next to each other in chronological order and see if you’re happy with the colour consistency. Otherwise get them up as thumbnails on the computer, if you are using windows go for extra large icons and see what it looks like.

As for the photos themselves, why hardly any candid shots? Are they all posed? Here I’m mostly thinking of the weddings. When it comes to portraits, they look much the same with the same framing, the same pose. You will need to vary things a lot more if you are going to put that many photos next to each other online. You probably need to get out of the each frame must count mentality we had in the film days. Looking at the teenage girls they are almost all head and shoulders portraits, it gets a little monotonous looking at them.

I would also suggest consider doing local exposure adjustments in post, for example bride walking down path, Sharon. She is very dark and if you lifted exposure of her skin by a stop she’d stand out far more giving you a nicer photo. It would basically work like a bit of fill flash, obviously don’t go overboard but I trust you to know what makes photos stand out from the crowd. Realistically that shot would have been better to be taken with a flash from the start