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Digital didn’t ruin photography.  It just made it easier for people to take wonderful snap shots for themselves, and upped the standards for professional photography.  It’s not so much about getting a decent exposure anymore because anybody can, and they can instantly review to make sure they got it.  Even in auto a person can take as many pictures it takes until the camera finally locks in to something acceptable.  Digital made photography for the masses more affordable and easier than ever before.  It took some of the technical and trouble out of the mix.  It didn’t ruin it.  It made great photography more about composition, light, mood, emotion, and content than it ever has been before.  It made photographers have to work harder to get images that are clearly better than Aunt Sue’s or Uncle Joe’s.  It changed the game, but it didn’t ruin a thing.  But, if your photography was only about being able to work a camera and having a decent understanding of exposure… Well… Congrats!  Your photography is just as good as everyone else’s.