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“But I also believe that in many ways, digital has ruined the art behind the craft of creating good photos. Film forced photographers to get it right the first time – bad images cost money.”

Well said.

There was a challenge posted on another forum to which I belong with simple rules – cover the LCD on the back of your DSLR and shoot only 36 images in full Manual mode (including no autofocus). It was on your honor that what you submit had not been edited or re-shot. I and quite a few signed up. After 2 weeks, there were NO SUBMISSIONS. Everyone probably thought the same as me – two thirds of my captures were hideous. I usually shoot action shots of kids, and there was not one I could honestly say was a good photo. And I’m not paid either.

Sure, there were those who argued that such a challenge was nonsequitor because not embracing technological advances renders us an arrested culture. BUT, one thing I learned in med school is a quote from long ago “A clinician who has not hypothesized his patient’s ailment by the end of the medical history, has not taken an effective history.” Many doctors today turn mostly to objective measures to diagnose and would argue that the technology is so advanced that it is silly not to do so. Fair enough. But history is a fundamental part of medicine, and is slowly becoming a lost art, to the detriment of patients everywhere.

I for one believe I could learn a thing or two from you, sir, about photography.