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They look like traditional studio photos.   I would try to get more space between subject and backdrop.  They all seem not quite sharp.

The couple, is probably best of the four.   Click on them to see them full size on Flickr.

This is the original:


Here is the same photo with a little editing in ACR and Photoshop.  Does it look better to you?


This one, https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=664055370305167&set=a.664055330305171.1073741842.591852427525462&type=1&theater, leaves me scratching my head.  The fabric around her head is not really sharp but is best, closest to the camera.  Her eyes are very soft, as is the rest of her face, then there is a lot of texture on her throat!  How did you achieve two planes in focus and the space between so soft?