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And just because I can:
I give absolutely no fucks what you think of your own work, OldClicks. You desperately need to stop charging and go back to the basics – relearn them, then hone them and then maybe start taking on clients. For now, it should be practice models or volunteers. If your provide a strong product, sure, you can get paid… but if not, kindly thanks them and decline payment until you finally know that you’re providing a quality product and service. At this time, you are not, so stop taking poor people’s  money!

I’m sure I’ll get reamed for this like so many others here. I’m mostly just tired of you insulting WCS. He’s helped me quite a bit with his straightforward advice and brash input. Hell, even when Ebi dialed it down he really started making an impact.
Never, ever go to an internet forum fishing for praise. We all see through it… it’s why pretty much everyone but CC, bless his soul – he really is a good guy, is completely tired of your nonsense.