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On your first post you asked –

 Am I out of touch, truly bad, or just a bit rusty?

So my reply that you are 15 years out of date and your pictures are crap was exactly what you asked for. By the time I joined the thread, Valentine had already told you that your pics were “pretty bad” and for being “polite” you tried to rip his work apart, so I don’t think my use of the word crap was unjustified.

When RPG posted and asked for advice, he got plenty of polite and useful feedback.

When RPG posted, he didn’t throw his toys out of the pram because he didn’t like the answers he got, so he got treated politely.

But he seems to be unable to do the same.

He gave you a truthful appraisal of your work, he was under no obligation to give you advice (and now he knows what you are like I’m sure he’s glad he didn’t)

And for someone so critical, you’d think he’d at least make sure his own images were up to snuff first.

Why? Your work is crap, yet you gladly criticise the work of people who didn’t even ask for a critique. BTW I’ve now been far more critical of your work than he has, but I guess you couldn’t find any security cameras on my port.

You wanted me to give you some actual advice that will help your business, so here it is.

Anyone with a DSLR and a flash gun could take the shots that you have on your FB page. So the only way you’ll get any work is by being cheaper than the other Fauxs and being  much, much nicer than they are.

Basically, you’re screwed.