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Let me try to help you given that I’m new to this also and haven’t post anything online yet.

Your photos lacks that ‘pop’,  the colors need to stand out more. Maybe post processing will help.

I would like to see more bokeh and less background. What f stop where you using?

I don’t know a thing about shooting weddings but the poses need worked on, looks like they just doing whatever, you being the professional need to control the poses more.

I feel Facebook should be treated like a portfolio and only show your best work not a whole wedding. Maybe a dedicated website with a password for the clients to just view their photos.

The  wedding photos look candid which may be good for the clients but not good if your  trying to get new clients.

I’m sorry but the backdrop with the baby is just UGLY. I don’t know a thing about studio backdrops for babies but I’ll try for a white seamless backdrop but that will mean to learn how to light the background to get it all white which means more flashes and triggers.

It can be worked on but you just got to be willing to learn. I’m trying to learn more everyday but I do know a flash on a light stand with a softbox or umbrella  will give better results than the flash on a bracket. Just my 2 cents