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I’ve never had a problem focusing the 24-70, which is a 2.8, so maybe I need to let the AF do its thing more often.

I’m not sure what you are used to.  All of my film cameras have strictly manual focus lenses.  All my digital gear have auto-focus lenses.  The other major difference is the manual focus film bodies have split prism viewfinders.  The digital ones have a plain white focusing screen and overlay some focus points and optionally a rule of thirds grid and/or a level.   Digital cameras are designed to be auto-focused and manual focus is only there to allow you to function when the auto-focus is confused, or you are trying to operate beyond its limits.  Definitely, choose an auto-focus point, put that where you want to focus and let the camera figure it out.  Recompose if necessary, then shoot.

If you really want accurate manual focus, mount the camera on a tripod, turn on Live View, or whatever Nikon call the function that displays what the sensor sees on the monitor, then zoom in as far as you can on what you want to be in focus, finally adjust focus to taste and shoot.  Hard on the battery life, but effective.


I would say I don’t understand Facebook.  I only started a page so I could check what my kids were exposing.  Having the account has been useful because other sites use the account to authenticate.  During the course of having it, I have had friends join, but they are mostly in other countries and the nearest is a two hour’s drive away.  I don’t see any of them as potential customers.  I have uploaded a couple of photos, then deleted them, just to see what they looked like.  Displayed on my own web page, or on Flickr, 500px, and number of other sites, they always look better than what I saw on Facebook.

If there is some way I should be using Facebook that would be beneficial, I would love to hear what I should be doing.