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to be honest…oh gosh, this is difficult for me to say, but If I was to take away all the background information you gave us, and the info provided in your “about” and mentaly changed it to something like “Hi! I’m new to photography, but always had an interest since I was a young girl and bought my first point and shoot. After getting my first real camera after the birth of my precious little boy this past spring and falling in love with it, I’ve decided to take my passion to the next level and capture all of your precious memories you”. Or if I simply, was given no information at all and were just given your images to view…

I’d have to say, you currently are a fauxtog. Lighting issues, posing issues, color issues, composition issues…

I completely understand that transitioning to digital from film is very strange/foreign/, and can be quite a long challenging process, but light, posing, composition, work quite the same no matter the camera/equipment used, and when I see you are struggling with all of the above, it makes me question those 20+ years of experience. I’m going to have to agree with rpg as much as I truly don’t want to.