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Rpg, I have to agree with CC

“the point is that no one really cares how the photo was made unless they are trying to recreate it. What most people care about is, is it any good? The tilt, chopped off top, bright blobs in the foreground all detract”.

I think it’s cool that you are experimenting with it. I want to do this method so badly, but… I don’t have PS or any sort of editing program that is able to stitch or layer. I just know how to make basic edits, and use a very light editing and organizing program (apple’s Aperture). I’m a “get it right in camera” kind of girl, (in fact I shoot jpeg most of the time. Gasp!) but I’ve also wanted to give focus stacking a go. Don’t know when I’ll take the plunge, but both methods look like so much fun, and ugh! The possibilities!