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This is a pretty cool 35 minutes:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lw39RecMxKo

I use that method for some macro photos, except the goal is to get everything into focus, so focus changes for every exposure and stitching is a pain.  I also tried it in Victoria Harbour with limited success.  It never occurred to me to ask people to stand still long enough to use it for a portrait!

There is a lot more in the video than just the method.  I like that most of his wedding customers don’t care that much that he photographed presidents and the Pope, they want to know if his wedding photos are any good.  I also like the comment that you have to come up with your 500 best shots of the wedding!

As far as I can tell, object of the Brenizer Method is to make a portrait taken with an SLR look like it was taken with medium format.  It is more an application of a method than a method, as the method has been around for a long time.  This is a pretty cool photo using an extreme version of the method:


Anyway, regarding:

this is a 43 image brenizer stich . Something you wouldn’t know anything about , since you dont really ” Photoshop ”



the point is that no one really cares how the photo was made unless they are trying to recreate it. What most people care about is, is it any good?  The tilt, chopped off top, bright blobs in the foreground all detract.

But, thank you for bringing Brenizer to my attention, he has some beautiful photos.