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I don’t recall this thread being titled “Feel free to turn your critical eye my way – as long as I can see your work and give critique even if you didn’t ask for it”

How ever  I can see you’re just not getting it, so here goes.

I’m 50 years old and I’ve worked in photography  all my life. I’ve run my own business for over 30 years. I probably know more about working with film than you, but unlike you, I embraced digital a long time before digital cameras were available. I ran a pro lab until about about 1999 and spent my time in darkrooms  sorting out colour for people like you.

I now run a high street studio in the UK, I stay anonymous here because I’ve used this site to display the work of my competitors. I have several websites and pages on social media sites where I display ONLY MY BEST WORK. The only reason to display substandard work – is because you don’t have anything better.

You’re not the first person to ask to see my work, but anyone with a computer can track back an image to it’s author if it’s been used on a website. So I set up a flickr account and posted some images that I liked, but for one reason or another have never been posted. You can check it out herehttp://www.flickr.com/photos/101923681@N02/

I’m sure you’ll want to pull each picture apart, go ahead.

Everyone here knows you are a faux, and every time you post you show how far behind the times you are.

” that brenizer shot is all out of focus in the foreground”  *facepalm*