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@RPG – so you’re saying that you took 43 separate images to make one, yet never noticed the distracting mess in the foreground, the out of focus branch in the upper left of the frame, the missing top to that umbrella or whatever it is, and the annoying white spot next to the subjects head? And you can barely see their faces! You may have a decent grasp of Photoshop, but your actual photo skills need some work too. Pot, meet kettle. Of course, your client probably loved the final result, after you explained how much post production time you spent  on it. Even though no one would know it’s her.

I’m well aware that the security camera can easily be fixed in Photoshop. I’m just surprised that an expert photographer such as yourself didn’t even consider it until someone as untalented as myself pointed it out. That must have hurt your pride a bit. The fact that you think gear and software are a substitute for actual skill or talent says a lot too. Until you grow up a bit, my comment is still valid – you’re just a douchebag with a camera.