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Thank you for your compliment. Newborn photography is ‘in fashion’ at the moment which helps, but i wouldn’t call what i have a successful business, i have had a few paid gigs but i only take on maximum 1-2 paid jobs a month, the only reason i do it is to pay for more gear and public liability insurance because it has been a dream of mine to become a Heart Felt volunteer photography (im a NICU nurse as my trade). I doubt very much the baby bonus and parenting scheme has helped this niche, as it is the baby bonus is gone pretty much and the paid parental is over installments and only  eligible if you worked X amount of the year ect ect. i Think the real reason why newborn portraiture is popular is because of mummy goggles, all new mums want to brag about their baby and see how beautiful their baby is (i know cause i’m a mum!).


I think Wedding photography would have a wealthier customer base (2 wages and lack of kids) but probably harder work on the day (not that newborns are easy)