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Sassy, thank you for your comments. I think I have been very receptive to valid criticisms, and I wouldn’t have put my photos out there if I didn’t want to hear it. It’s quite clear that no one on here likes the graphics. I get that. I’m pretty sure one of them was used on the invitation to her 1st birthday party, so it served its purpose. The shoes were done as part of a review. It’s interesting that when I shoot them out of the box, someone will invariably comment that it adds credibility to see them all dirty, yet here I shoot a pair that have been worn, I get the opposite. You’re spot on about the cake – one image was never intended to be uploaded (which is why I just deleted it), and I hadn’t realized how soft the other looked.

I’m certainly not desperate to look at other photographer’s work, but feel it’s fair to ask that if you are critiquing my images, you provide some samples of your own. I did have a look at yours, and they’re nice. You’ve chosen an excellent niche too. Not to take away from your talent, but I’m sure the Baby Bonus and Parenting Payments make it more commercially viable. Do you think they contribute to your success?