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i have read most of the posts but not all. i think you have been given some good critique but it almost feels like you dont want to hear it at all.

I honestly wouldn’t pay for any of the photos on your FB site.


Cute kid but horrid digital back drop border and very soft focus, let me guess mum loved it? well mum has mummy goggles on so don’t believe her. Its fun to play with digital stuff but chucking a digital border on a shot does not a good image make.


who wants to buy dirty shoes? why are they on your site?


this is such an easy shot to get, for me focus should be on mario and peaches and not on the grass. why is some cake chopped off? its an odd composition.


this is blown and is such an easy fix in PP. also an odd composition, it doesnt  make me want to eat the cake.

Most of your photos have major technical issues. I am certainly no expert but even i can spot them.

I agree with others, you should only put your best images out there for people to see.

https://www.facebook.com/SarahsPics As you are so desperate to see others work, this is me. I am not great and yes i have technical issues but i’m getting help and i’m nutting them out, unlike you i have only really been shooting 18 months. You have reminded me its time to go through and delete some of my earlier work.